AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE #2 Released Next Week!


On Wednesday, August 27th, And Then Emily Was Gone #2 will make its worldwide debut, launching in select comic shops across the globe.  Following on from the critical acclaim enjoyed by the first issue, this second chapter has quite a bit of buzz about it, with retailers and speculators picking it out as a hot book of the week ahead.  Already, it has sold out at a distributor level, so once again you’ll have to move fast to make sure you get your copy.

Below, you’ll find the preview that ran this week on Comic Book Resources, as well as another look at the 50/50 variant cover from the amazing Nick Pitarra, artist of The Manhattan Projects and The Red Wing.  We hope you enjoy the comic next week, and remember, if you pick up a copy, take a picture of it on the shelf at your local comic shop and send a pic to our Facebook page, or post it up on Twitter using the hashtag #EmilyFound.


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Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #4!


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 has been released to sell-out success and critical acclaim, but the marketing push is far from over.  The monthly comics cycle continues, and so our attention must turn to the issue available for pre-order in this month’s Diamond Previews catalogue: And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  Readers and retailers all over the world will be able to order in their copies of the book, using this order code:


This will be the first issue that’s been available to pre-order after the release of the first issue, so it will be interesting to see if there is any increase in demand for this chapter based on the response to issue #1.  Either way, if you want to make sure you can get your hands on your copy, don’t forget to contact your local comic shop and ask them to confirm they’ll be stocking it.

We have said before that each issue of this series gets progressively weirder.  Well, issue #4 is where we go totally off the deep-end.  We guarantee this will be one of the vilest, most bonkers comics you read all year.  Below you’ll find the solicit text, and a first look at the horrifying variant cover from Joe Mulvey, writer/artist of indie smash Scam:


Hellinger discovers the horrifying truth behind his affliction, and Gordon’s search for answers opens doors that should have remained closed. Warning: The publisher and creators can accept no liability for any distress, trauma or nausea caused by the upsetting imagery in this issue. Readers continue at their own risk! Features a variant cover by the most dangerous man in comics Joe Mulvey (SCAM).

That’s right, our comic comes with a health warning!  This book is due for release on 29th October, just in time for Halloween.  If you dare, pre-order your copy now.  AUG141238!

And Then Emily Was Gone #1 Debuts to Critical Acclaim!

Last week, And Then Emily Was Gone #1 made its worldwide debut.  The response since has been overwhelming, with social media buzzing with praise for the comic.  And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is available to buy digitally from ComiXology, where it currently has a perfect *****/***** rating.  And critics have been very positive in their assessment, with review compiler Comic Book Roundup noting an average critic score of 9.8/10.  Here is a collection of some of the things reviewers have been saying about And Then Emily Was Gone:

And Then Emily Was Gone is a perfectly pitched opening to what is destined to become a gradual descent from faintly unnerving horror to gut-wrenching Lynchian nightmare over the next five issues.”

Big Comic Page


“The Bonnie Shaw myth is one that will keep your children staring wide-eyed at the crack of light beneath their bedroom doors.”

Bag & Bored


“The Comix Tribe published comic comes out swinging a hammer and should easily go toe to toe with any comic from the more mainstream independent publishers.” *****



“I’ve never read a comic like this and I doubt I’ll read many more after it which is exactly why it’s rare. It’s a comic experience that you do not want to miss out on.” 5/5

Comic Bastards


“There’s a nice, disturbing sense of doom and dread hanging over the whole issue, generating an appropriately creepy atmosphere, between Lees’ story and Laurie’s artwork, which adds in no small way to the creeping dread feel of the story.”

Forbidden Planet


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is a very intriguing book.”



And Then Emily Was Gone is an interesting tale that will gain a cult following. If creepy, mystery stories are your thing I highly recommend going out and picking the book up.”

Comic Crusaders


“Iain Laurie… executes the story perfectly, wrapping the readers in the claustrophobic, grimy cityscape of Greg’s waking nightmare, populating it with monsters that are delightfully distinctive yet unpleasant to witness.”

Destroy the Brain


“What a uniquely bizarre book and I’m totally intrigued with it. The art is just as disturbing as the story, and I mean that in a good way.”

The Fellowship of Geeks


“Combining the best elements of horror and detective fiction, this sinister tale provides an intoxicating foundation for the creators to build upon in future issues.” 10/10



“Lees and Laurie have a new fan and I’m hooked on this series.” 4.5/5

Comic Spectrum


“An intriguing new player in the indie horror genre.”

Ain’t It Cool News


Thank you to all the reviewers for their kind words!  People have also been commenting on the book outside of written reviews.  Carl Li had praise for And Then Emily Was Gone on his Youtube show, First Impressions.  From around the 25 minute mark, you can hear the hosts of the Two-Headed Nerd podcast talk about the comic.  And from the 31 minute point, you can hear the book being discussed on the MOMBCast.

Finally, I had an in-depth discussion with Kyle Welch of the Pages & Panels podcast, in which we go through the issue page by page in the style of a director’s commentary.  It was a really fun chat, and once you’ve read the first issue, I’d highly recommend you give this a listen.

Everyone at Team Emily has been utterly gobsmacked by all this positivity.  Thanks to all of you for checking out the comic, it means a lot that you enjoyed it.  And stick around for issue #2 at the end of this month… each issue is darker and crazier than the last!



What’s YOUR Merksay Story?

A big thank you to everybody who picked up And Then Emily Was Gone #1 on its release last Wednesday.  All signs so far indicate that the debut was a huge success, with copies of the comic being sold – and sold out! – all over the world, and a flood of positive reviews and reader comments appearing in response to it, some of which we’ll be showcasing on this blog in the coming days.

Those of you who picked up the comic will have noticed a feature called “Merksay Stories” on the inside back cover, telling a strange tale of an inhabitant of Merksay island.  Here’s a look at the Merksay Story of Fisherman Bill:


We have a great, creepy collection of Merksay Stories prepared to take you through from issues #1 to #4.  But we don’t have a Merksay Story for issue #5.  We need your help.  We’re going to hold a special contest on our Facebook page, where you can have the chance to star in And Then Emily Was Gone #5.  How would you like your name and likeness to be featured in the Merksay Stories backmatter of our final issue?  If you’re interested, all you need to do is post on the Facebook page with your name, your hometown, a picture of yourself, and an answer to this question: What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?  The best entry will be chosen by the creative team, and the winner will then be notified.  Entrants have until August 30th to apply.  We look forward to hearing from you!

And Then Emily Was Gone #1: One Week to Go!

It was 7 months ago that ComixTribe first announced they would be publishing And Then Emily Was Gone, and a full year before that when the creative team started working on the book.  But now, at last, the final countdown is here.  On Wednesday 30th July, one week from today, And Then Emily Was Gone launches worldwide as issue #1 hits comic shops across the globe.

The first issue has already sold out at distributor level, so make sure to pick up your copy while you can!  If for any reason you’re still on the fence, here’s the preview that Comic Book Resources ran for And Then Emily Was Gone #1 this past weekend:

EMILY 0100 1A Laurie_price EMILY 0100 1B Rossmo_price EMILY 0103 EMILY 0104 EMILY 0105 EMILY 0106 EMILY 0107 EMILY 0108 EMILY 0109Thanks to all of you for your interest in this comic.  Everyone on the creative team is so excited for you to finally get a chance to check it out.  If you wish to celebrate the book’s debut with the creative team, writer John Lees, artist Iain Laurie and letterer Colin Bell will all be doing an instore signing at Forbidden Planet on 30th July, along with Scottish artist Neil Slorance, in a joint celebration of And Then Emily Was Gone and Colin and Neil’s Dungeon Fun:


We hope that, one week from now, you’ll visit Merksay with And Then Emily Was Gone #1!

Character Spotlight: Vin

Vin Eckland is what some people may charitably refer to as a “hipster douchebag.”  His favourite pastimes include ironically watching Saturday morning cartoons, knitting novelty animals and playing quirky tunes on his tiny little ukelele.  He lives a life of leisure, often accompanied by Louise: his best friend since childhood.  He’s still recovering from the bad breakup of a long-term relationship, but has recently started dating again.

Vin has an interesting job.

VinEckland1And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is released worldwide on Wednesday 30th July.

Character Spotlight: Fiona

17-year-old Fiona Tulloch has lived her whole life in Merksay, a small island community in Orkney.  A bright, inquisitive girl, Fiona has always felt like she never really fit in with the isolated, sheltered existence of the Merksay islanders.  Save for her best friend, Emily, Fiona has never really connected with other people, preferring to lose herself in the world of her detective novels and dream of a more exciting life.

But when Emily goes missing, Fiona begins to see Merksay in an unsettling new light.  She starts to believe that perhaps that her difficulty in fitting in wasn’t something wrong with her, but rather something deeply wrong with the island and its people.  The more she delves into Merksay’s history, the more unsafe she feels: terrible things are happening in Merksay, and have been for some time.  And so, armed with her quick wit and many years worth of learned experience from trashy crime fiction, she decides to escape, fleeing the island and heading for the Scottish mainland.

But Fiona knows she can’t run away forever.  She needs to go back to Merksay.  She needs to find Emily, or find out what happened to her.  She needs someone to help her do it.  She needs Greg Hellinger…

Fiona1And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is released worldwide on Wednesday 30th July.

Character Spotlight: Hellinger

Once, Greg Hellinger was a rising star of the police Missing Persons Bureau.  Gifted with a brilliant analytical mind, Hellinger had the inate ability to find the thread left behind by people thought long gone, and track them down.  Solving a series of high-profile disappearances gained Hellinger some degree of fame and noteriety, and it seemed like his reputation and legacy was secure.

Then, five years ago, Hellinger started seeing monsters.

Plagued constantly by nightmarish apparitions that follow him wherever he goes, terrifying visions he is unable to fully comprehend, Greg has lost just about everything: his career, his family, his reputation, and even his sanity is barely intact.  Medical experts have no explanation for these visions, other than them being hallucinations caused by some unspecified massive nervous breakdown.  Now, Hellinger lives a life of seclusion, a haunted, broken man.

But one more case is waiting to be solved, Hellinger’s greatest challenge yet.  The disappearance of a 17-year-old girl called Emily Munro.  Can he solve this mystery, and in the process find answers to what is happening to him?  Or will Greg Hellinger discover that, as far as he has fallen, there are greater depths of horror and madness for him to plummet into?

Hellinger1And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is released worldwide on Wednesday 30th July.

The Merksay Media Onslaught Continues!

Here is another round-up of recent interviews with various members of the And Then Emily Was Gone creative team.  This round-up features some particularly special interviews…. check them out!

First up, John Lees and Iain Laurie were interviewed by Comic Book Resources, the biggest comics site on the internet.  Interviewer Alex Dueben covered a range of topics, including some insight into the Orkney Islands for uninitiated American readers:

What are the Orkney Islands? On this side of the pond, I’m not sure how well known they are, so I was wondering if you could set the scene a little.

Lees: One of the things I love about Scotland is that it’s quite diverse for such a small nation. There are the big cities, like Glasgow and Edinburgh, which are pretty metropolitan and not all that different from other urban areas across the UK or elsewhere. Then you have the Scottish Highlands to the north, which are a lot more rural and remote, and where much of that archetypal iconography of Scotland from an outsider’s perspective of folks in tartan playing the bagpipes and rearing sheep seems to come from. But then if you go even further north, you’ll find Orkney, a cluster of about 70 islands of varying size just off the Northernmost tip of the Scottish mainland. Though geographically part of Scotland, Orcadians view themselves as quite distinct, and their history and culture is a lot more derived from Nordic tradition.

You can read the full interview here.

Next up, Scottish TV station STV Glasgow ran a feature on Lees and Laurie on their website.  Here’s an excerpt:

Scottish reluctance aside, the pair will be in the Big Apple for New York Comic Con in October. Given that Scotland isn’t exactly short of comics talent – the country is home to Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely to name but three – is the pressure on?

Laurie joked: “I think Americans are just surprised that a) we’re not English and b) we’re not always drunk.

“The fact is, if you’re in the Glasgow comics scene, you’ve probably met Frank Quitely. But Morrison and Quitely are like these Gods over there, so the fact we’ve got any access to them kind of blows them away.”

He continued, “I’m really excited to go out there and just meet people.

“A lot of people I talk to about comics online are all based in the States, like [Manhattan Project artist] Nick Pitarra.

“It’ll be really interesting to meet them and,” he laughed, “see the disappointment in their faces when they finally meet me.”

Thanks to Nicola Love for the thoughtful article, which you can find in full here.

More recently, Steve Morris over at Comics Beat ran an excellent, in-depth interview with the whole creative team.  There’s a whole lot of interview to enjoy, but here’s a little peek at their discussion of the Scottish comics scene:

There’s an interesting group of Scottish comic-makers right now, with yourselves, the Master Tape team, Team Girl Comics, Dungeon Fun, and many others. What has been your experience of this Scottish community?

JOHN:  Scotland is certainly a major comics hub, and my native Glasgow is a great comics city: not just in terms of the dedicated readers – enough to support 9 comic shops, 2 comic cons and multiple marts, clubs and public events – but also in the volume and quality of creative talent. I’m a founding member and the current chairman of the Glasgow League of Writers, a kind of writing circle for comics where creators meet to discuss and critique each other’s scripts, so I get to see first-hand some of the amazing talent in the Scottish community.

Iain McGarry is a writer who’s been quietly producing some excellent short stories for various anthologies over the past year or two, and once he collects them all into a volume of his own and gets his name out there some more, he’s going to become a big deal fast, mark my words.  John McCusker is like 21 years old, was totally new to writing comics when he first joined, and already he’s better than me.  His debut book, The Alchemist, is in production with artist Jason Mathis, and is going to be incredible. You mentioned Master Tape, and Harry French is another guy primed to blow-up: his other series, Freak Out Squares, is even better.  And Freak Out Squares artist Garry McLaughlin is also kicking ass on his own series, Gonzo Cosmic.

NeverEnding, by Stephen Sutherland and Gary Kelly, is a hidden gem of a comic which should be getting distributed by a big publisher yesterday. Gordon McLean won a SICBA award for No More Heroes, which was ace, but the stuff he’s been quietly working on since is so much better. Dungeon Fun by the sublime Neil Slorance and our own Colin Bell – the first issue was one of the best single issues produced by anyone of any level last year.

Team Girl Comics, Black Hearted Press, Unthank Comics, there’s so much going on I can’t hope to cover it all.

IAIN: Yeah, there’s so much interesting and diverse stuff coming out of Glasgow, and I think John’s covered most of it. I live in Edinburgh and older than most people in that group but they’ve always been really welcoming and friendly to me.

MEGAN: I’m completely jealous of the vibe you guys have got going on over there.  Can someone please adopt me so I can be Scottish too?

JOHN: Working on this comic has made you an honorary Scot, Megan!

COLIN: Congratulations Megan! The Broons are your Gods now. My experience of the community has been nothing short of lovely. Everyone’s dead nice. And talented! I could sit here for ages and reel off so many Scots comickers deserving of attention we’ve not mentioned yet – Craig Collins, Edward Ross, Stephen Goodall’s IMR, Chris Baldie and Holley Mckend’s Never Ever After… there’s LOTS.

You can read the full interview here.

Finally, as a bonus, here’s a look at an interview with John Lees that ran in The Orcadian, Orkney’s local newspaper.  Thanks to Andrew Stewart for this great feature: