Tomorrow: FCBD, And Then Emily Was Gone #0!

EMILY 0102

Tomorrow, Saturday 2nd May, is Free Comic Book Day!  It’s the day that, all over the world, comic shops offer a selection of free comics to welcome in readers old and new.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate comics, and to introduce other people to an exciting, vibrant medium of entertainment, so make sure to find out what your local shop is doing to mark the occasion, stop on by to pick up some free comics, and also support your retailer by buying something while you’re there too!

Amidst all of the quality free comics titles from the likes of Marvel, DC and Dark Horse on offer, ComixTribe are offering And Then Emily Was Gone #0.  This comic features a new And Then Emily Was Gone story, a prequel to the events of the          series, which reunites the whole creative team of writer John Lees, artist Iain Laurie, colorist Megan Wilson and letterer Colin Bellfor our most terrifying story yet.  In addition, there’s a back-up story featuring ComixTribe’s flagship villain, The Oxymoron, written by Tyler James and drawn by Alex Cormack.  If that’s not enough, there’s also an interview with Tyler James and John Lees about their new Oxymoron series, Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, which launches this August.  All that, and we have previews and reveals of upcoming ComixTribe projects, and even a contest where you can win a free graphic novel!  And on top of all that goodness, the cover is drawn by comics superstar Ryan Stegman (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, Inhumans).

The advance reviews have been coming in for And Then Emily Was Gone #0, and they’ve been uniformly great:

“Overall, this release firmly cements ComixTribe as one of today’s up and coming publishers, with a rapidly expanding catalogue of iconic characters and an impressive stable of supremely talented creators. ” 4/5

Big Comic Page

“What’s real and what is a fever dream?  It’s unique in the sense that the hairs on the back of your neck prick up and you have to remind yourself… oh right, this is just a comic book.

Rhymes With Geek

” John Lees is back to write this special, and artist Iain Laurie returns as well, packing every panel to the brim with pure creepiness. The depictions of Bonnie Shaw in this issue alone are more disturbing than anything seen in the mini series itself.”  5/5

Pop Culture Uncovered

“I can say that I’m completely sold on And Then Emily Was Gone because of this issue and the fact that they made such a compelling story for nothing more than a prelude tells me all I need to know about the rest of the series. I’m hooked and I want more!”  9/10

We The Nerdy

“If Emily was a love letter to those classic and obscure 60’s and 70’s horror shows, The Strange Case of Billy McTaggart is like a fairy tale, but more The Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault than the saccharine Disney, showing again that the horror is down to how you perceive it, who is worse, the monstrous Bonnie Shaw that lurks outside your window with his jagged teeth and black eyes or is there a greater evil closer to home.”  5/5

Big Glasgow Comic Page

“A story about nightmares to give you nightmares. The kind of comic that parents think isn’t suitable for kids but that kids really love.”

Bleeding Cool

“I knew it was coming, just like you do in any great horror story, and still I turned the page, still I was scared because it was exactly what I thought it would be. That’s a sign of great storytelling, and it’s something that Lees and Laurie do to perfection.”

Bag & Bored

To celebrate the release of And Then Emily Was Gone #0 tomorrow, And Then Emily Was Gone writer John Lees will be signing copies of the book at Forbidden Planet Glasgow, from 9am-11am.  Oxymoron artist Alex Cormack will be signing and sketching at Hall of Comics in Southborough, Massachusetts, and Oxymoron writer Tyler James will be at the Jetpack Comics FCBD Festival in Rochester, NH.  If you’re near any of these shops, stop by and say hello to the broken, lonely souls who worked to get this comic into your hands!

Free Comic Book Day is always great fun, and is one of the biggest days on the comic book calendar: Christmas for geeks!  So, make the most of it, visit your local comic shop bright and early tomorrow, and pick up your copy of And Then Emily Was Gone #0.  And you can do one more thing for us.  Once you find a copy of the comic, take a pic of it on the shelf or in your hands, and post it on our Facebook page, or post it up on Twitter using the hashtag #EmilyFound.  Give us an idea of how many people are discovering our comic on Free Comic Book Day!

Coming Free Comic Book Day… And Then Emily Was Gone #0!

Happy New Year, everyone!  2014 was a fantastic year for And Then Emily Was Gone, with the series getting a worldwide release and enjoying much acclaim and success.  But 2015 is set to be even bigger, starting with the launch of the collected edition of the series in comic shops in just a couple of weeks (order code: NOV141187).  And then, on May 2nd, comic shops around the world celebrate the biggest day on the comics industry calendar: Free Comic Book Day!  ComixTribe and Team Emily are proud to announce that joining the exclusive lineup of Free Comic Book Day titles this year will be And Then Emily Was Gone #0!

The whole creative team has returned to deliver our scariest story yet for a bigger audience than ever, with a showcase of our terrifying villain, Bonnie Shaw.  Continuing the tradition of the series, we have a guest artist drawing the cover.  We’re all incredibly excited to announce that the latest addition to our twisted family is none other than Ryan Stegman, the superstar artist who has drawn such titles as Amazing Spider-Man and Wolverine, and is currently blowing readers away with his stunning work on Inhuman.  Here’s a look at his amazing cover:

EMILY 0102

And here’s the official synopsis:

A chilling prelude to the cult horror sensation, AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE!  Bonnie Shaw is a terrifying creature of Scottish folklore who would grant parents their hearts’ desire… in exchange for their child.  Young Billy McTaggart has nothing to fear from Ol’ Bonnie, as his mother and father love him, don’t they?  DON’T THEY?! Featuring a cover by superstar artist Ryan Stegman (Inhumans, Wolverine.)

In addition to the 12-page original story, And Then Emily Was Gone #0 will be packed with bonus content, including an Oxymoron short story written by Tyler James and Alex Cormack, an interview with Tyler James and John Lees about the upcoming Oxymoron series they’re co-writing, Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, and even some great prize giveaways.  For any retailers wanting to get all this in one glorious comic book package, here’s the order code you need:


Readers, if you want to make sure your local comic shop will be stocking And Then Emily Was Gone #0 on Free Comic Book Day… ask them!  Free Comic Book Day is on May 2nd.  We’ll leave you with this little sneak peek at the first couple of pages of the story.

emily 0001 emily 0002