And Then Emily Was Gone… In Shops Worldwide TOMORROW!

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Tomorrow is a huge day for Team Emily.  After each of the 5 single issues being released over the course of last year, tomorrow – Wednesday, February 11th – sees the worldwide release of And Then Emily Was Gone, complete and collected as a graphic novel.

For this post, allow me to talk to you as John Lees, writer of And Then Emily Was Gone.  See, having this series released in comic shops across the world was great, and having it do so well and people respond to it so warmly has been nothing short of incredible.  But to have a comic of mine be finished, and bound up as a trade paperback… that is a career milestone for me, a life-goal I’ll be able to tick off and say I’ve accomplished.  As a writer, your comic has a lot of “endings”: when you write “THE END” at the bottom of the last page of the script for the last issue… when the last page of artwork arrives in your email inbox… when all that art has been coloured and lettered… when the last issue has been released in comic shops.  But for me, the moment that And Then Emily Was Gone will truly be done is when I hold a copy of this graphic novel in my hands, slide it into the place I have made for it in my bookshelf, and close over the door.

So, even if nobody buys this book when it’s released tomorrow… I’ll still be realising a dream.  I’ll have a completed work of fiction published and out there in the world.  And though single issues sell out and become increasingly scarce after a few months, this graphic novel is the form that And Then Emily Was Gone will reside in for some time to come, hopefully to remain in circulation to some degree for a good while into the future.  It really makes me deeply happy to think that, even as the active life-cycle of And Then Emily Was Gone draws to a close, the series will be out there – in the form of this graphic novel – on comic shop shelves, or available from Amazon, waiting to be discovered by more readers.

Over on the ComixTribe website, publisher Tyler James wrote an excellent analysis of the journey And Then Emily Was Gone took from pitch to publication, the triumphs, the pitfalls, and the lessons learned.  It’s fascinating reading, and should be informative for anyone looking to release an indie comic book.  And one thing that hopefully emerges from that article is that And Then Emily Was Gone is a labour of love for us.  Iain Laurie and I created this book together, with the idea being that we wanted to tell a comic that we would love to read, even if nobody else did.  And hopefully that (sick, twisted, perverse) love oozes off every horrific page.  I want to thank ComixTribe for having faith in us and putting their support behind us.  I want to thank Colin Bell, the most dependable, gifted letterer in UK comics, whose value as a creative collaborator and sounding board for ideas should not be undervalued.  I want to thank Megan Wilson, whose stunning colours transformed this comic and elevated it to a whole other level, taking it from Glasgow indie to a book ready for the world stage.  I want to thank Iain Laurie, my comics soulmate, who I’ve had a more enjoyable, rewarding collaboration with than I can imagine ever having with anyone: the man is a genius, an inspiration, and a comics hero of mine: he’s still one of my favourite artists, and now I’m thankful to also count him as a friend.  And if I’m very lucky I’ll be able to keep on working with him for a long time to come.  A huge thanks to every retailer who took a chance on our weird little Scottish horror comic.  And most of all, a massive thank you to every single one of you who bought the book, read the book, and talked about it.  We’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for you.

And Then Emily Was Gone contains 100 pages of story – the full series – plus an afterword from me, a cover gallery, and some cool behind-the-scenes content going into the production of the comic.  Plus there’s an awesome foreword by Joshua Hale Fialkov, a fantastic, acclaimed comic writer, and someone who I’ve been a huge fan of for years.  I’ve loved his writing on Elk’s Run, Tumor, I, Vampire, The Life After and The Bunker, and in particular his masterpiece Echoes was a massive inspiration to me as a horror writer in showing what it was possible to do in the genre with the comics medium.  For him to also be such a kind, gracious guy who would write such a generous introduction to our book is mind-blowing, I’m really excited for you all to read what he has to say.  For any retailer who hasn’t ordered it yet but now wants to give it a try, the order code is:


And for any readers still on the fence, why not download the first issue for free RIGHT NOW to see if you’re interested?  Then if you are, you can hope along to your comic shop tomorrow to buy the full story!

So, once again, thank you all.  And remember, the mystery of Bonnie Shaw and Merksay is not yet over!  And Then Emily Was Gone #0 is coming on Free Comic Book Day, with an amazing cover from Ryan Stegman.  Find out more about that here.


And Then Emily Was Gone #5 Released Next Week!


The end is nigh!  And Then Emily Was Gone began as the cult hit of the summer, and after an autumn packed with growing critical momentum and convention success, this winter brings with it the final chapter and the resolution of the mystery of Emily Munro’s disappearance.  This is without a doubt the darkest chapter of all, as things enter into bleak, terrifying territory.  Find out where Hellinger and Fiona’s twisted journey takes them when And Then Emily Was Gone #5 gets its worldwide print release on Wednesday December 17th, one week from today!

For all of you who have been following this series since issue #1, thank you so much for traveling with us this far.  I hope you find this conclusion satisfying.  As one final tease, here’s the preview that ran on Comic Book Resources earlier this week, along with another look at the stunning variant cover by Cody Schibi.


emily 0501 emily 0502 emily 0503 emily 0504And Then Emily Was Gone #5 will be available to buy from comic shops worldwide on Wednesday December 17th.

And Then Emily Was Gone Graphic Novel: Coming January 2015

EmilyGNTeaserAnd Then Emily Was Gone is fast approaching its endgame.  Issue #4, the penultimate chapter, was released worldwide last week to rave reviews, meaning that we only have one more issue to go before the story is complete, and that’ll be out before the year is done.  But that’s by no means the end of the line for And Then Emily Was Gone.  2015 is set to be a great year for the series, with a couple of reveals we’ll be sharing with you in due course.  But first up is January, when we’ll be releasing a collected paperback edition of the whole 5-part series in comic shops worldwide.  It’s in Previews now, and here’s the order code:


First of all, a huge thank you to EVERYONE who has supported And Then Emily Was Gone up until now.  All the retailers who took a chance on stocking the comic, all the reviewers who have spread the word, all the readers who have bought the comic and shared their love and enthusiasm for it.  It’s all made a huge difference, and made this series a huge success beyond any of our expectations.  But now we need you all once again.  Month after month, the story of And Then Emily Was Gone has been the same: the retailer supply underestimating consumer demand, leading to bulk reorders and fast sell-outs.  And while it’s great press to say we’ve had a sell-out, I for one would much prefer to be able to have the comic readily available for anyone who wants to read it, whether it’s now, a month from now or a year from now.  This graphic novel is our chance to do just that.  Once the serialization of the series is done, it’s as a collected edition that And Then Emily Was Gone will have continued life.  This is the format people will hopefully be able to discover the series in the future.  And so all of us at Team Emily want this graphic novel to make as big a splash as possible, to be well-stocked in as many comic shops all over the world as possible.  Help us do that.  Retailers: if you’ve given us a try in the single issues, or even if you haven’t but you’re curious about the series, please consider ordering this collected edition: Previews page 293, NOV141187.  Let us know what we can do on our end to make this a more enticing sale for you, what we can do to encourage you to devote some shelf space to our book alongside all the high-profile releases making demands on your attention and budget each month.  Readers: whether you’ve been buying this series at your local comic shop each month, or you’ve been downloading it via ComiXology, or if you’ve bought the comics at a convention, or if you’ve not read the series at all yet but are interested in doing so, contact your local comic shop and request they order And Then Emily Was Gone: Previews page 293, NOV141187. 

And Then Emily Was Gone is a big gambit for publisher ComixTribe: this is the first time they’ve went straight to the direct market in releasing a graphic novel as opposed to running a Kickstarter first.  They feel the demand is there, and it’s worth the risk.  Team Emily are all emotionally invested in that show of faith paying off.  We’re all so proud of this weird, scary little horror comic that’s outperformed beyond our wildest hopes and expectations, and now our latest lofty goal is to crack the graphic novel bestseller lists with this thing!  Let’s work together and ensure that Bonnie Shaw haunts as many comic shops as possible throughout the world.  NOV141187!  NOV141187!  NOV141187!



And Then Emily Was Gone #4 Released Next Week!


Fresh off the rip-roaring success of New York Comic Con (more on that soon, hopefully), the time is now fast approaching for the release of And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  The comic is released in comic shops worldwide, and on ComiXology, one week today, on October 29th… just in time for Halloween!

This issue, things get really intense.  If you thought the first three issues were chilling, this is where things really go off the rails and plumb the depths of insanity.  And Then Emily Was Gone #4 is so horrifying, the solicitation text had to include a note of caution, “Warning: The publisher and creators can accept no liability for any distress, trauma or nausea caused by the upsetting imagery in this issue.”  You can find out for yourself how the sausages are made by picking this up next week, but to whet your appetite, we have assembled an exclusive preview, along with another look at the terrifying cover by Joe Mulvey, creator of Scam. 



emily 0401 colour emily 0402 colour emily 0403 colour emily 0404 colour emily 0405 colourAnd Then Emily Was Gone #4 is available from Wednesday October 29th.  Happy Halloween!

Find Emily at New York Comic Con!


From Thursday October 9th to Sunday October 12th, New York Comic Con – one of the biggest comic conventions in the world – returns to the Javits Center in New York City.  And fans of And Then Emily Was Gone will be pleased to know that the series is set to have a big presence at the show.

ComixTribe, publisher of And Then Emily Was Gone, has taken out a massive chunk of retail space on the show floor, spanning across tables 1172 and 1271.  It’ll surely stand out as the king of the small press section for all attendees.  And in amidst the array of books available and exclusives debuting at the show, we’ll be selling issues #1-#3 of And Then Emily Was Gone.  Not only that, but we’ll be selling convention-exclusive artist’s editions of issue #1, on which you can have a custom cover drawn by the array of artists who’ll be stationed at the booth, including Alex Cormack (I Play the Bad Guy, Future Proof, Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare), Joe Mulvey (Scam), Tyler James (Over) and Cesar Feliciano (The Red Ten).

If you’ve already bought And Then Emily Was Gone and are looking to get your copies signed, you’re in luck.  Travelling all the way over from Scotland, writer John Lees and artist Iain Laurie will both be in attendance at New York Comic Con!  John will be at the table most of the weekend, while Iain will be stopping by for scheduled signings.  Colorist Megan Wilson will also be in attendance and hopefully joining in for some group creative team signings, at which letterer Colin Bell will be represented by a wicker effigy.

In addition to the core creative team, you’ll also find some of our all-star array of guest cover artists in attendance at the show.  Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing), cover artist for And Then Emily Was Gone #2, will be in Artist Alley, table R2.  And right next to him, at table R3, you’ll find Garry Brown (The Massive, Iron Patriot, Catwoman), cover artist of And Then Emily Was Gone #3.  And back at the ComixTribe booth you’ll find Joe Mulvey, cover artist for the upcoming And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  

While you’re at the ComixTribe table, be sure to check out our whole range of comics, including all 5 issues of The Standard by Emily writer John Lees, 6 issues of The Red Ten, the first 2 issues of Epic, all 4 issues of Scam, and our irresistible deluxe hardcover graphic novels, including The Oxymoron, Scam: The Ultimate Collection and The Red Ten, Volume 1.  We’re also debuting a special convention-exclusive advance preview edition of Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #1, written by John Lees and Tyler James, and drawn by Alex Cormack.  On top of all that, we’ll have a massive selection of original art prints, and all sorts of other goodies.  ComixTribe, Booths 1172 and 1271: note it down… that’s where you’ll find Emily!


And Then Emily Was Gone #3 Released Next Week!


The time is nearly upon us once more!  On Wednesday 1st October,  And Then Emily Was Gone #3 is released in comic shops worldwide.  Issue #3 is our first issue to have experienced advance reorders before its date of release, as growing buzz over the first two issues has sent retailers back to the presses to get their shipment orders of this comic bumped up.  After the introduction of the first two issues, it’s with And Then Emily Was Gone #3 that things start to get seriously deranged!

And Then Emily Was Gone #3 was actually released early on ComiXology, so you can read the comic digitally now.  But for those of you who wait for print, there’s just one week to go.  To tide you over, Comic Book Resources posted up a preview of the third issue, which we’ll also share now, along with another look at that incredible 50/50 variant cover by Garry Brown, the acclaimed artist of Iron Patriot, Catwoman and The Massive. 

Are you ready to follow the fox?


EMILY 0301 EMILY 0302 EMILY 0303 EMILY 0304 EMILY 0305


Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #5!

Emily5ALaurieIt is a great day for news here at Emily HQ.  Today, one week after And Then Emily Was Gone #2 debuted worldwide to sell-out success and critical acclaim, the Diamond retailer orders for And Then Emily Was Gone #4 came out.  These numbers were particularly significant to us, as issue #4 was the first issue available for retailers to order after the first issue had been released… monthly comics, folks!  Typically, you expect a decline in sales from issue to issue in the direct sales market, so were hoping that the fall wouldn’t be too steep.  Instead, we were pleased to discover that sales for issue #4 are UP 31% from sales of #3!  That’s an incredible win, and one we’re all buzzing about!  So, thank you, retailers, for having faith in this weird little comic.

And now, it’s time to get on that merry-go-round one last time, as now pre-orders are open for the final issue in the series, And Then Emily Was Gone #5.  Currently set for a worldwide release date of November 26th, this issue will be available to order from this month’s Diamond Previews catalogue, with this order code:


Please, even if your local comic shop has stocked every other issue of the series, don’t forget to ask them about this one, make sure they’ll be stocking it.  You’re going to want to know how the story ends!  We are all immensely proud of this final chapter, with the creative team all feeling like they have saved their best work of all for this series for the last issue.  We can guarantee this will be one of the scariest things you’ll read all year!

As you can see above, Iain Laurie has outdone himself with his astounding cover for issue #5.  Possibly the best of his 5 covers.  And that’s just a taster of the horrific imagery that awaits inside.  Our 50/50 variant cover for this final issue comes from Cody Schibi, an immensely talented illustrator and artist of the upcoming comic Bullmoose.  Trust us: this guy is poised to become your new favourite artist.  You can get a look at his stunning cover below, along with the synopsis for And Then Emily Was Gone #5:


The cult horror sensation reaches its devastating conclusion, with the darkest chapter of all. Their search for the truth behind Emily’s disappearance has pushed Hellinger to the brink of insanity and left Fiona in terrible danger. Now, everyone will find what they’ve been looking for – and will wish they hadn’t!

Questions will be answered, mysteries will be solved, and visceral terror awaits.  And Then Emily Was Gone #5: in stores November 26th.  SEP141227SEP141227!  SEP141227!

AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE #2 Released Next Week!


On Wednesday, August 27th, And Then Emily Was Gone #2 will make its worldwide debut, launching in select comic shops across the globe.  Following on from the critical acclaim enjoyed by the first issue, this second chapter has quite a bit of buzz about it, with retailers and speculators picking it out as a hot book of the week ahead.  Already, it has sold out at a distributor level, so once again you’ll have to move fast to make sure you get your copy.

Below, you’ll find the preview that ran this week on Comic Book Resources, as well as another look at the 50/50 variant cover from the amazing Nick Pitarra, artist of The Manhattan Projects and The Red Wing.  We hope you enjoy the comic next week, and remember, if you pick up a copy, take a picture of it on the shelf at your local comic shop and send a pic to our Facebook page, or post it up on Twitter using the hashtag #EmilyFound.


EMILY 0201 EMILY 0202 EMILY 0203 EMILY 0204 EMILY 0205

Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #4!


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 has been released to sell-out success and critical acclaim, but the marketing push is far from over.  The monthly comics cycle continues, and so our attention must turn to the issue available for pre-order in this month’s Diamond Previews catalogue: And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  Readers and retailers all over the world will be able to order in their copies of the book, using this order code:


This will be the first issue that’s been available to pre-order after the release of the first issue, so it will be interesting to see if there is any increase in demand for this chapter based on the response to issue #1.  Either way, if you want to make sure you can get your hands on your copy, don’t forget to contact your local comic shop and ask them to confirm they’ll be stocking it.

We have said before that each issue of this series gets progressively weirder.  Well, issue #4 is where we go totally off the deep-end.  We guarantee this will be one of the vilest, most bonkers comics you read all year.  Below you’ll find the solicit text, and a first look at the horrifying variant cover from Joe Mulvey, writer/artist of indie smash Scam:


Hellinger discovers the horrifying truth behind his affliction, and Gordon’s search for answers opens doors that should have remained closed. Warning: The publisher and creators can accept no liability for any distress, trauma or nausea caused by the upsetting imagery in this issue. Readers continue at their own risk! Features a variant cover by the most dangerous man in comics Joe Mulvey (SCAM).

That’s right, our comic comes with a health warning!  This book is due for release on 29th October, just in time for Halloween.  If you dare, pre-order your copy now.  AUG141238!

And Then Emily Was Gone #1 Debuts to Critical Acclaim!

Last week, And Then Emily Was Gone #1 made its worldwide debut.  The response since has been overwhelming, with social media buzzing with praise for the comic.  And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is available to buy digitally from ComiXology, where it currently has a perfect *****/***** rating.  And critics have been very positive in their assessment, with review compiler Comic Book Roundup noting an average critic score of 9.8/10.  Here is a collection of some of the things reviewers have been saying about And Then Emily Was Gone:

And Then Emily Was Gone is a perfectly pitched opening to what is destined to become a gradual descent from faintly unnerving horror to gut-wrenching Lynchian nightmare over the next five issues.”

Big Comic Page


“The Bonnie Shaw myth is one that will keep your children staring wide-eyed at the crack of light beneath their bedroom doors.”

Bag & Bored


“The Comix Tribe published comic comes out swinging a hammer and should easily go toe to toe with any comic from the more mainstream independent publishers.” *****



“I’ve never read a comic like this and I doubt I’ll read many more after it which is exactly why it’s rare. It’s a comic experience that you do not want to miss out on.” 5/5

Comic Bastards


“There’s a nice, disturbing sense of doom and dread hanging over the whole issue, generating an appropriately creepy atmosphere, between Lees’ story and Laurie’s artwork, which adds in no small way to the creeping dread feel of the story.”

Forbidden Planet


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is a very intriguing book.”



And Then Emily Was Gone is an interesting tale that will gain a cult following. If creepy, mystery stories are your thing I highly recommend going out and picking the book up.”

Comic Crusaders


“Iain Laurie… executes the story perfectly, wrapping the readers in the claustrophobic, grimy cityscape of Greg’s waking nightmare, populating it with monsters that are delightfully distinctive yet unpleasant to witness.”

Destroy the Brain


“What a uniquely bizarre book and I’m totally intrigued with it. The art is just as disturbing as the story, and I mean that in a good way.”

The Fellowship of Geeks


“Combining the best elements of horror and detective fiction, this sinister tale provides an intoxicating foundation for the creators to build upon in future issues.” 10/10



“Lees and Laurie have a new fan and I’m hooked on this series.” 4.5/5

Comic Spectrum


“An intriguing new player in the indie horror genre.”

Ain’t It Cool News


Thank you to all the reviewers for their kind words!  People have also been commenting on the book outside of written reviews.  Carl Li had praise for And Then Emily Was Gone on his Youtube show, First Impressions.  From around the 25 minute mark, you can hear the hosts of the Two-Headed Nerd podcast talk about the comic.  And from the 31 minute point, you can hear the book being discussed on the MOMBCast.

Finally, I had an in-depth discussion with Kyle Welch of the Pages & Panels podcast, in which we go through the issue page by page in the style of a director’s commentary.  It was a really fun chat, and once you’ve read the first issue, I’d highly recommend you give this a listen.

Everyone at Team Emily has been utterly gobsmacked by all this positivity.  Thanks to all of you for checking out the comic, it means a lot that you enjoyed it.  And stick around for issue #2 at the end of this month… each issue is darker and crazier than the last!