And Then Emily Was Gone Graphic Novel: Coming January 2015

EmilyGNTeaserAnd Then Emily Was Gone is fast approaching its endgame.  Issue #4, the penultimate chapter, was released worldwide last week to rave reviews, meaning that we only have one more issue to go before the story is complete, and that’ll be out before the year is done.  But that’s by no means the end of the line for And Then Emily Was Gone.  2015 is set to be a great year for the series, with a couple of reveals we’ll be sharing with you in due course.  But first up is January, when we’ll be releasing a collected paperback edition of the whole 5-part series in comic shops worldwide.  It’s in Previews now, and here’s the order code:


First of all, a huge thank you to EVERYONE who has supported And Then Emily Was Gone up until now.  All the retailers who took a chance on stocking the comic, all the reviewers who have spread the word, all the readers who have bought the comic and shared their love and enthusiasm for it.  It’s all made a huge difference, and made this series a huge success beyond any of our expectations.  But now we need you all once again.  Month after month, the story of And Then Emily Was Gone has been the same: the retailer supply underestimating consumer demand, leading to bulk reorders and fast sell-outs.  And while it’s great press to say we’ve had a sell-out, I for one would much prefer to be able to have the comic readily available for anyone who wants to read it, whether it’s now, a month from now or a year from now.  This graphic novel is our chance to do just that.  Once the serialization of the series is done, it’s as a collected edition that And Then Emily Was Gone will have continued life.  This is the format people will hopefully be able to discover the series in the future.  And so all of us at Team Emily want this graphic novel to make as big a splash as possible, to be well-stocked in as many comic shops all over the world as possible.  Help us do that.  Retailers: if you’ve given us a try in the single issues, or even if you haven’t but you’re curious about the series, please consider ordering this collected edition: Previews page 293, NOV141187.  Let us know what we can do on our end to make this a more enticing sale for you, what we can do to encourage you to devote some shelf space to our book alongside all the high-profile releases making demands on your attention and budget each month.  Readers: whether you’ve been buying this series at your local comic shop each month, or you’ve been downloading it via ComiXology, or if you’ve bought the comics at a convention, or if you’ve not read the series at all yet but are interested in doing so, contact your local comic shop and request they order And Then Emily Was Gone: Previews page 293, NOV141187. 

And Then Emily Was Gone is a big gambit for publisher ComixTribe: this is the first time they’ve went straight to the direct market in releasing a graphic novel as opposed to running a Kickstarter first.  They feel the demand is there, and it’s worth the risk.  Team Emily are all emotionally invested in that show of faith paying off.  We’re all so proud of this weird, scary little horror comic that’s outperformed beyond our wildest hopes and expectations, and now our latest lofty goal is to crack the graphic novel bestseller lists with this thing!  Let’s work together and ensure that Bonnie Shaw haunts as many comic shops as possible throughout the world.  NOV141187!  NOV141187!  NOV141187!