And Then Emily Was Gone #4 Released Next Week!


Fresh off the rip-roaring success of New York Comic Con (more on that soon, hopefully), the time is now fast approaching for the release of And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  The comic is released in comic shops worldwide, and on ComiXology, one week today, on October 29th… just in time for Halloween!

This issue, things get really intense.  If you thought the first three issues were chilling, this is where things really go off the rails and plumb the depths of insanity.  And Then Emily Was Gone #4 is so horrifying, the solicitation text had to include a note of caution, “Warning: The publisher and creators can accept no liability for any distress, trauma or nausea caused by the upsetting imagery in this issue.”  You can find out for yourself how the sausages are made by picking this up next week, but to whet your appetite, we have assembled an exclusive preview, along with another look at the terrifying cover by Joe Mulvey, creator of Scam. 



emily 0401 colour emily 0402 colour emily 0403 colour emily 0404 colour emily 0405 colourAnd Then Emily Was Gone #4 is available from Wednesday October 29th.  Happy Halloween!

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