Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #4!


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 has been released to sell-out success and critical acclaim, but the marketing push is far from over.  The monthly comics cycle continues, and so our attention must turn to the issue available for pre-order in this month’s Diamond Previews catalogue: And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  Readers and retailers all over the world will be able to order in their copies of the book, using this order code:


This will be the first issue that’s been available to pre-order after the release of the first issue, so it will be interesting to see if there is any increase in demand for this chapter based on the response to issue #1.  Either way, if you want to make sure you can get your hands on your copy, don’t forget to contact your local comic shop and ask them to confirm they’ll be stocking it.

We have said before that each issue of this series gets progressively weirder.  Well, issue #4 is where we go totally off the deep-end.  We guarantee this will be one of the vilest, most bonkers comics you read all year.  Below you’ll find the solicit text, and a first look at the horrifying variant cover from Joe Mulvey, writer/artist of indie smash Scam:


Hellinger discovers the horrifying truth behind his affliction, and Gordon’s search for answers opens doors that should have remained closed. Warning: The publisher and creators can accept no liability for any distress, trauma or nausea caused by the upsetting imagery in this issue. Readers continue at their own risk! Features a variant cover by the most dangerous man in comics Joe Mulvey (SCAM).

That’s right, our comic comes with a health warning!  This book is due for release on 29th October, just in time for Halloween.  If you dare, pre-order your copy now.  AUG141238!


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