AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE #2 Released Next Week!


On Wednesday, August 27th, And Then Emily Was Gone #2 will make its worldwide debut, launching in select comic shops across the globe.  Following on from the critical acclaim enjoyed by the first issue, this second chapter has quite a bit of buzz about it, with retailers and speculators picking it out as a hot book of the week ahead.  Already, it has sold out at a distributor level, so once again you’ll have to move fast to make sure you get your copy.

Below, you’ll find the preview that ran this week on Comic Book Resources, as well as another look at the 50/50 variant cover from the amazing Nick Pitarra, artist of The Manhattan Projects and The Red Wing.  We hope you enjoy the comic next week, and remember, if you pick up a copy, take a picture of it on the shelf at your local comic shop and send a pic to our Facebook page, or post it up on Twitter using the hashtag #EmilyFound.


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Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #4!


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 has been released to sell-out success and critical acclaim, but the marketing push is far from over.  The monthly comics cycle continues, and so our attention must turn to the issue available for pre-order in this month’s Diamond Previews catalogue: And Then Emily Was Gone #4.  Readers and retailers all over the world will be able to order in their copies of the book, using this order code:


This will be the first issue that’s been available to pre-order after the release of the first issue, so it will be interesting to see if there is any increase in demand for this chapter based on the response to issue #1.  Either way, if you want to make sure you can get your hands on your copy, don’t forget to contact your local comic shop and ask them to confirm they’ll be stocking it.

We have said before that each issue of this series gets progressively weirder.  Well, issue #4 is where we go totally off the deep-end.  We guarantee this will be one of the vilest, most bonkers comics you read all year.  Below you’ll find the solicit text, and a first look at the horrifying variant cover from Joe Mulvey, writer/artist of indie smash Scam:


Hellinger discovers the horrifying truth behind his affliction, and Gordon’s search for answers opens doors that should have remained closed. Warning: The publisher and creators can accept no liability for any distress, trauma or nausea caused by the upsetting imagery in this issue. Readers continue at their own risk! Features a variant cover by the most dangerous man in comics Joe Mulvey (SCAM).

That’s right, our comic comes with a health warning!  This book is due for release on 29th October, just in time for Halloween.  If you dare, pre-order your copy now.  AUG141238!

And Then Emily Was Gone #1 Debuts to Critical Acclaim!

Last week, And Then Emily Was Gone #1 made its worldwide debut.  The response since has been overwhelming, with social media buzzing with praise for the comic.  And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is available to buy digitally from ComiXology, where it currently has a perfect *****/***** rating.  And critics have been very positive in their assessment, with review compiler Comic Book Roundup noting an average critic score of 9.8/10.  Here is a collection of some of the things reviewers have been saying about And Then Emily Was Gone:

And Then Emily Was Gone is a perfectly pitched opening to what is destined to become a gradual descent from faintly unnerving horror to gut-wrenching Lynchian nightmare over the next five issues.”

Big Comic Page


“The Bonnie Shaw myth is one that will keep your children staring wide-eyed at the crack of light beneath their bedroom doors.”

Bag & Bored


“The Comix Tribe published comic comes out swinging a hammer and should easily go toe to toe with any comic from the more mainstream independent publishers.” *****



“I’ve never read a comic like this and I doubt I’ll read many more after it which is exactly why it’s rare. It’s a comic experience that you do not want to miss out on.” 5/5

Comic Bastards


“There’s a nice, disturbing sense of doom and dread hanging over the whole issue, generating an appropriately creepy atmosphere, between Lees’ story and Laurie’s artwork, which adds in no small way to the creeping dread feel of the story.”

Forbidden Planet


And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is a very intriguing book.”



And Then Emily Was Gone is an interesting tale that will gain a cult following. If creepy, mystery stories are your thing I highly recommend going out and picking the book up.”

Comic Crusaders


“Iain Laurie… executes the story perfectly, wrapping the readers in the claustrophobic, grimy cityscape of Greg’s waking nightmare, populating it with monsters that are delightfully distinctive yet unpleasant to witness.”

Destroy the Brain


“What a uniquely bizarre book and I’m totally intrigued with it. The art is just as disturbing as the story, and I mean that in a good way.”

The Fellowship of Geeks


“Combining the best elements of horror and detective fiction, this sinister tale provides an intoxicating foundation for the creators to build upon in future issues.” 10/10



“Lees and Laurie have a new fan and I’m hooked on this series.” 4.5/5

Comic Spectrum


“An intriguing new player in the indie horror genre.”

Ain’t It Cool News


Thank you to all the reviewers for their kind words!  People have also been commenting on the book outside of written reviews.  Carl Li had praise for And Then Emily Was Gone on his Youtube show, First Impressions.  From around the 25 minute mark, you can hear the hosts of the Two-Headed Nerd podcast talk about the comic.  And from the 31 minute point, you can hear the book being discussed on the MOMBCast.

Finally, I had an in-depth discussion with Kyle Welch of the Pages & Panels podcast, in which we go through the issue page by page in the style of a director’s commentary.  It was a really fun chat, and once you’ve read the first issue, I’d highly recommend you give this a listen.

Everyone at Team Emily has been utterly gobsmacked by all this positivity.  Thanks to all of you for checking out the comic, it means a lot that you enjoyed it.  And stick around for issue #2 at the end of this month… each issue is darker and crazier than the last!



What’s YOUR Merksay Story?

A big thank you to everybody who picked up And Then Emily Was Gone #1 on its release last Wednesday.  All signs so far indicate that the debut was a huge success, with copies of the comic being sold – and sold out! – all over the world, and a flood of positive reviews and reader comments appearing in response to it, some of which we’ll be showcasing on this blog in the coming days.

Those of you who picked up the comic will have noticed a feature called “Merksay Stories” on the inside back cover, telling a strange tale of an inhabitant of Merksay island.  Here’s a look at the Merksay Story of Fisherman Bill:


We have a great, creepy collection of Merksay Stories prepared to take you through from issues #1 to #4.  But we don’t have a Merksay Story for issue #5.  We need your help.  We’re going to hold a special contest on our Facebook page, where you can have the chance to star in And Then Emily Was Gone #5.  How would you like your name and likeness to be featured in the Merksay Stories backmatter of our final issue?  If you’re interested, all you need to do is post on the Facebook page with your name, your hometown, a picture of yourself, and an answer to this question: What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?  The best entry will be chosen by the creative team, and the winner will then be notified.  Entrants have until August 30th to apply.  We look forward to hearing from you!