And Then Emily Was Gone #1: One Week to Go!

It was 7 months ago that ComixTribe first announced they would be publishing And Then Emily Was Gone, and a full year before that when the creative team started working on the book.  But now, at last, the final countdown is here.  On Wednesday 30th July, one week from today, And Then Emily Was Gone launches worldwide as issue #1 hits comic shops across the globe.

The first issue has already sold out at distributor level, so make sure to pick up your copy while you can!  If for any reason you’re still on the fence, here’s the preview that Comic Book Resources ran for And Then Emily Was Gone #1 this past weekend:

EMILY 0100 1A Laurie_price EMILY 0100 1B Rossmo_price EMILY 0103 EMILY 0104 EMILY 0105 EMILY 0106 EMILY 0107 EMILY 0108 EMILY 0109Thanks to all of you for your interest in this comic.  Everyone on the creative team is so excited for you to finally get a chance to check it out.  If you wish to celebrate the book’s debut with the creative team, writer John Lees, artist Iain Laurie and letterer Colin Bell will all be doing an instore signing at Forbidden Planet on 30th July, along with Scottish artist Neil Slorance, in a joint celebration of And Then Emily Was Gone and Colin and Neil’s Dungeon Fun:


We hope that, one week from now, you’ll visit Merksay with And Then Emily Was Gone #1!


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