Find Emily at Glasgow Comic Con!


This weekend – Saturday 5th July to Sunday 6th July – Glasgow Comic Con will be held at the CCA on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street.  Of course, this most Scottish of horror comics will have a presence at Scotland’s flagship convention!

John Lees, writer of And Then Emily Was Gone, will be in attendance at the show all weekend, selling and signing at his table on the CCA’s Level 2 Clubhouse.  On the eve of the And Then Emily Was Gone full-colour relaunch at the end of this month, John will be selling all remaining stock of the black-and-white first editions of issues #1 and #2.  If you want copies of these elusive first printings, make sure to get to Glasgow Comic Con, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.  Also at Glasgow Comic Con, there will be a world-exclusive black-and-white preview edition of And Then Emily Was Gone #3.  This won’t be on general release in September, and will ONLY be available in Glasgow.  So if you want to be ahead of the curve on the mystery of Emily Munro’s disappearance, get yourself to the CCA this weekend!

There won’t just be comics on sale.  We also have a range of gorgeous And Then Emily Was Gone prints in very limited supply.  These A3 glossy portraits really are stunning.  We’ll also be doing a great bundle deal where you can get all 3 available issues of And Then Emily Was Gone and a print at a discount price, while stocks last.

That not enough for you?  Well, Iain Laurie, artist of And Then Emily Was Gone, will be at Glasgow Comic Con on Sunday 6th July.  He’ll be on-hand at John Lees’ table from 1pm-2pm for signing.  He’ll also be available for sketch commissions!  So if you want to have a delightful piece of Iain Laurie original artwork on your bedroom wall, giving you nightmares, make sure to stop by the table this Sunday!

Beyond the table, John Lees will also be found at various panels throughout Saturday.  He is a participant in the “SICBA Best Comic or Graphic Novel: Meet the Shortlist” panel, joining And Then Emily Was Gone letterer Colin Bell, Gil Hatcher, Craig Collins and Morag Kewell to talk about his award-nominated comic, The Standard, and most likely discuss And Then Emily Was Gone too!  That will be held in the CCA Cinema on the Ground Floor Courtyard, as will the 4pm panel “Cultivating Characters.”  John will be hosting that panel, with the panelists including Leah Moore, John Reppion, Howard Chaykin and Gail Simone!

Finally, And Then Emily Was Gone is nominated for an award!  The Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance awards, or SICBAs, are hosted at Glasgow Comic Con each year.  This year, Iain Laurie has been nominated for Best Artist, for his work on And Then Emily Was Gone #3.  Voting is open at the CCA from today, but if you’re in attendance at the con on Saturday, you’ll be able to vote.  You might also want to vote for John Lees as Best Writer for his work on The Standard #5, and his comic The Standard #5 for Best Comic or Graphic Novel.  The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday evening.

So, whether you’re already a diehard Emily fan waiting anxiously for an early look at the latest chapter, or if you’re a curious newbie wanting to see what all the fuss is about before the comic goes on general release on July 31st, Glasgow Comic Con is the place to be this weekend.  Tickets are still available at, otherwise a limited supply should be available on the door.  Team Emily looks forward to seeing you there!




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