Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #3!

Another month whizzes by like nothing!  We’re now into July, which means we have entered the month in which And Then Emily Was Gone makes its worldwide debut with the release of issue #1 on July 31st.  But even as our one-month countdown begins, here at Visit Merksay we’re looking further forward.  In this month’s Previews, which should be making its way into comic shops any time now, And Then Emily Was Gone #3 will be available to pre-order for its September release.  Here’s the order code:


And remember, you can still pre-order issue #1 (MAY141251) and issue #2 (JUN141021).  All before the first issue even comes out.  This monthly comics malarky is exhausting!  Here’s a look at Iain Laurie’s chilling cover:


Scary stuff, eh?  This fella featured here is the fox, who will be featured quite prominently in the third issue.  Issue #3 is definitely a turning point in the series.  Anyone who has been enticed enough to give the first issue a try really ought to stay on at least until this third chapter.  There have been a lot of Twin Peaks comparisons raised with And Then Emily Was Gone.  Well, issue #3 is this comic’s answer to The Red Room. Iain’s visuals throughout this whole issue are particularly stunning, a step up even from his strong work of the first two issues.  Indeed, Iain has been nominated for a SICBA Best Artist award in Scotland, with the awards ceremony being held at Glasgow Comic Con this weekend.  Issue #3 was the issue submitted for consideration.  Those familiar with Laurie’s work have talked about how surprisingly restrained he’d been in the first two issues.  Well, issue #3 is where he starts to cut loose, and the book takes a VERY weird left turn into Laurieville.  Prepare to have some truly haunting, nightmarish imagery seared into your brain.  And brace yourself: the journey only gets darker from here…

Still not convinced?  This may help seal the deal: following on from Riley Rossmo and Nick Pitarra, our guest cover artist for issue #3 is the mighty Garry Brown.  First rising to prominence with Dark Horse’s acclaimed title The Massive, Garry Brown most recently worked on Iron Patriot for Marvel, with more Marvel and DC work in the pipeline.  The guy’s a big-time rising star, so Team Emily is incredibly excited to have him involved with the series.  Look for Garry’s cover to show up as a 50/50 variant when issue #3 hits comic shops.  Here’s a look:


And Then Emily Was Gone #3 hits comic shops worldwide on 24th September.  Remember to pre-order now.  JUL141051!  JUL141051!  JUL141051!


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