Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #2!


The skin-crawling horror saga continues! On the remote island of Merksay, Hellinger and Fiona cross paths with the highly eccentric locals in their search for Emily, unaware that they are being hunted. What secrets lie in Merksay’s dark hidden places? And more importantly, what’s in the box? Features a variant cover by superstar artist Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects).


We warned you it wouldn’t be long before the next round of marketing began!  Was your interest piqued by And Then Emily Was Gone #1 enough for you to pre-order, or to request that your local comic shop stocks the book?  Well, especially once you get to the cliffhanger ending of the first chapter, you’re going to want to have access to your next fix of the story one month later.  And Then Emily Was Gone #2 hits comic shops worldwide in August, and according to Comic Bastards, “the second issue of And Then Emily Was Gone not only captured the same tone as the first issue, but it outshined it on many levels.”

And Then Emily Was Gone #2 is now available to order from Diamond’s Previews catalogue, and will be throughout the month of June.  Remember, if you want your comic shop to stock the book in August, THIS MONTH is when you need to let them know.  Even if they’ve already decided to stock the first issue, remind them that issue #2 is on the way too.  Here’s the order code:


And hey, remember that awesome 50/50 variant cover from Riley Rossmo for issue #1?  Well, remember that every issue of the series will have a superstar guest artist stepping in to do a cover along with series artist Iain Laurie.  Iain’s cover is presented above, and below, allow us to share with you the spectacular cover from Nick Pitarra, acclaimed artist of New York Times bestselling, Eisner award nominated Image comic The Manhattan Projects, with colors from series colorist Megan Wilson:


Cracking, eh?  Be warned… things get darker and creepier with this second chapter, as our heroes travel to Merksay and venture ever deeper down the rabbit hole in their search for Emily.  We hope you’ll join them.  Order code JUN141021… don’t forget!

And if you’re still on the fence about this series, here’s a massive juicy preview of the first issue which will hopefully sway you!


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