Thank You For Visiting Merksay!

Hello everybody, John Lees here, just chiming in with a quick message for any visitors to this blog as the month-long window for pre-ordering And Then Emily Was Gone #1 from Diamond Previews draws to a close.  May 2014 has been one intense month!  I’ve been sending out review copies, sitting down for interviews with various sites (more of those will be getting posted on here soon!), and contacting comic shop retailers across the country and beyond, doing all I can to beat the drum for this comic and spread the word.  I’ve been bombarding my social media pages with anything and everything about And Then Emily Was Gone, to the point where my friends must be sick of reading about it!  It’s relentless self-promotion, and I know it can be a bit tacky and embarrassing, but the big reason I haven’t shut up for the past month solid is because I believe in And Then Emily Was Gone.  I believe in the story, I believe in the characters, and most of all I believe in my dedicated, immensely talented creative team: letter Colin Bell, colorist Megan Wilson, and artist and co-creator Iain Laurie.  I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve all put into this book together, and now I want to share it with all of you.

What many people don’t realize is that a comic title will sink or soar, not on the week of its release, but three months before its release, when the purchase order from the world’s comic book retailers arrives.  That’s what all this marketing and awareness-raising has been about.  Because as much as we want readers all around the globe to give our comic a shot, they won’t have that chance unless comic shops all around the globe first decide to give our comic a shop and stock it on their shelves.  And so, while And Then Emily Was Gone #1 hits stores in July 2014, May 2014 has been the true battleground for its place on the market.  That number we get back in will determine how many copies are printed, how many towns and cities will have a place where they can buy this book, what our profits will be, how likely it is that we’ll have the numbers needed to see our series through to the end.  There’s a lot riding on this, and with this being ComixTribe’s first monthly comic the stakes are even higher.  I’m so incredibly grateful for the show of faith ComixTribe have put in me, and with all the promotion I do and all that banging of drums there’s a certain degree of doing all I can not to let them down.  I feel the same about my association with Iain Laurie: I’m so proud of our partnership and the work he’s done, and I don’t want to let him down either.  So, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I await that notification of our Diamond purchase order with some degree of worry and trepidation!  While plenty of promising signs point to this being the most successful comic launch of my career, you can’t know for sure until that order arrives.

But whatever the outcome and whatever the tale of the tape from that Diamond purchase order might be, I just want to thank you.  All of you.  If any of you care enough about our weird little Scottish horror comic to have read this far, I thank you for your interest, for caring about And Then Emily Was Gone.  That’s why we all write, isn’t it?  To tell a story that in some way resonates or connects with somebody else, to make it bigger than something knocking about your head.  We’ve had such great support and encouragement from readers, critics, other comics professionals, and all of that positivity has played a role in moving us forward in getting this book out there.  The journey doesn’t end here, far from it.  The relentless month-long marketing drive for And Then Emily Was Gone #1 may have drawn to a close… but that just means that the marketing drive for And Then Emily Was Gone #2 is gearing up to begin in June!  And come July, And Then Emily Was Gone #1 will be ready to hit comic shops, and with that will come a whole new wave of shilling and spreading the word.  And when July comes, I hope that I’ll be able to repay all your support and interest with a book that you’ll love: I know I love it!

One last time for good luck: the order code for And Then Emily Was Gone #1 is MAY141251.  If you want your local comic shop to pre-order the book, print out this handy-dandy form we made up, fill it out, and give it to them.  Get Emily… before she’s gone!



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