Help Your Comic Shop Find Emily

We’re now into the month of May, and in this month’s edition of the Diamond Previews catalogue, comic book shop retailers all around the world will be able to order copies of And Then Emily Was Gone #1 for their shop.  We want to do our part to raise awareness, and so the plan is to ship these flyers out to any comic shops that could potentially be interested in stocking the title:


So, we’re asking you to help your local comic shop in the search for Emily Munro.  Are you interested in picking up a copy of And Then Emily Was Gone #1 when it is released in July?  Let us know the name of the comic shop you visit and what city it’s located in, and we’ll add it to our mailing list.  Additionally, you can help out by visiting the shop yourself, showing the retailer this poster, or letting them know the order code – MAY141251 F – noted above.  We want to make sure that everybody who wants to read this comic gets the chance to do so.  Join us in the search for Emily: time is running out…


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