Coming Soon: And Then Emily Was Gone #1!


And Then Emily Was Gone is the story of a haunted former police detective who goes in search of a missing girl, and finds Hell instead.

Greg Hellinger is a man who sees monsters. Driven to the brink of madness by terrifying apparitions, he is tasked with finding a missing girl called Emily. Hellinger’s search takes him to a remote community in the Scottish Orkney Islands, where strange and terrifying things are happening…

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Twin Peaks, The Wicker Man and True Detective, And Then Emily Was Gone has quickly become a cult hit in Scotland.  The 5-issue miniseries pairs John Lees, award-winning writer of The Standard, with Iain Laurie, the celebrated artist of Roachwell, Mothwicke and Horror Mountain, with colors from Megan Wilson and lettering from Colin Bell.  Nominated for 4 SICBA Awards – Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Cover and Best Comic, the only book of the year to be nominated in every contestable category – And Then Emily Was Gone has amassed a wave of critical acclaim from its limited release.

And now, the time is fast approaching for And Then Emily Was Gone to debut worldwide!  Picked up by ComixTribe, And Then Emily Was Gone will be the publisher’s first monthly title, with the first issue set for release July 2014.  And Then Emily Was Gone #1 will be globally distributed through Diamond, and the first issue will be available to order in the May Previews catalogue.  The order number is:

MAY141251 F

If you would like your local comic shop to stock And Then Emily Was Gone, make sure to let them know that order code, and let them know within the next few weeks!  Looking for more incentive before taking the leap and giving our comic a try?  How about the fact that each issue will have a 50/50 variant cover, with Iain Laurie doing one cover, and an amazing guest artist doing the other?  We have some incredible talent lined up for the covers of upcoming issues, but first out of the gate is superstar artist Riley Rossmo (Proof, Green Wake, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Bedlam, Drumhellar) with this beauty of an image:



We’re all incredibly excited to be finally getting to share this labour of love of ours with all of you, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.  And we want as many people to have the chance to try it as possible.  So please, spread the word, tell your friends.  We want you all to Visit Merksay.

MAY141251 F!  MAY141251 F!  MAY141251 F!




“Grotesqueries unimaginable inhabit these pages.”

Multiversity Comics

“I’ve never read a comic like this and I doubt I’ll read many more after it which is exactly why it’s rare. It’s a comic experience that you do not want to miss out on.”

– Comic Bastards

“I absolutely loathe the phrase ‘page turner’ but that’s exactly what this is, it’s over far too soon, and I’m sure anyone who picks the book up will be with me when I say that issue two can’t come fast enough.”       

– Big Comic Page

“I’d liken (Iain Laurie’s) disquieting work on Emily to that of a possessed Paul Grist with a twist of Jose Munoz; from his horrific conception of Bonnie Shaw and the nightmarish creatures that frequent Hellinger’s every waking moment, through to the more subtle ways that he imbues Merksay with a sense of intimidating isolation, this first issue is a triumph for Laurie in terms of building up the book’s foreboding and portentous atmosphere.”

– Broken Frontier

“The tone of the book feels so much like classic Stephen King.    There’s a foreboding uneasiness with everything in the book.   There is a tension rising and a pot boiling waiting to explode but we have no idea when that will happen.”

– Comic Booked

“You get to the final page and wonder just when you’ll be able to read issue 2…”

Forbidden Planet

“A GREAT opening issue.”

– Comics Anonymous

“The strange style and character designs seem to be a perfect compliment to this dark and mysterious story that’s being told. The close-ups on characters faces, and the brief looks we get at boogeyman Bonnie Shaw are bordering on delicious nightmare fuel…”

– The Off-Panel Podcast

“This is a weird comic, but in a wonderful way. Best of all, it’s a comic with its own vision, a unique and bold vision.”

– Michael Moreci, Hoax Hunters, Skybreaker, Curse

“This was a wonderful, twisted little surprise. A David Lynch air throughout, it made me feel itchy and uncomfortable, which is the highest praise I can bestow. John Lees’ script is tight and mysterious, with a few curve-balls that really add to the sense of hyper-reality. The off-kilter energy. The real stand-out is Iain Laurie on art duties. Equal parts Paul Pope, Nick Pitarra and Morgan Jeske (this reminded me frequently of Jeske and Ales Kot’s Change). Despite the content raw as a picked scab, the presentation and print quality is supremely professional. Extremely impressive. Find a copy.”

– Owen Michael Johnson, Raygun Roads

Super awesome, super creepy, super good. I really love the work of everyone involved on the book…”

– Nick Pitarra, The Manhattan Projects, The Red Wing

“This book is amazing, the first issue was ultra creepy.”

– Riley Rossmo, Proof, Green Wake, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Bedlam, Drumhellar

“It’s a masterclass in comics. it’s literate and the art? The art NEVER fails to impress. You just got to find out what happens next… BONNIE SHAW? GREG HILLINGER? THE BOX? What the fuck? It’s a movie for the mind ***** FIVE STARS.”

– Shaky Kane, The Bulletproof Coffin

“…reads really well, the artwork is just fantastic, intriguing premise, quirky and atmospheric and claustrophobic as I would expect – really impressed!”

– Frank Quitely, All Star Superman, We3, Jupiter’s Legacy


For all the latest news and updates, follow our Facebook page here.  And finally, check out this spine-tingling teaser trailer for the series here.


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