An Apology, and Farewell

I have taken time to come to my senses, and I now realise that my outburst yesterday was completely inappropriate, and wrong. There is nothing untoward about Merksay. This is a good town, with good people. We love all our children. And sad as it is, sometimes children run away. There is no conspiracy, no monster behind the curtain pulling the strings. I apologise most sincerely if I scared any of you with my insane rambling. I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, but that was no excuse to spout such flagrant untruths.

I feel much better now. And I can appreciate anew all the wonderful things Merksay has to offer. I fear I’ve said too much, and may have actually worked against my original aims of enticing you all to come visit, so I shall no longer write this journal. The information I have already shared will remain here, and should hopefully prove educational and interesting. As for me, it is time that I was gone.

You’ll find me on the hills, or roaming the fields. Merksay is my home. It’s who I am. Goodbye.



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