Islander Profile: Tam Gutcher

Another day brings us another patron of a highly-regarded local business. Tam Gutcher can be found on most nights tending the bar at the Jaunty Tart, Merksay’s local pub. After a hard day’s work at the abattoir, it has long been a tradition for the island’s men to gather at this quaint watering hole for some alcoholic refreshment and camaraderie. I myself do not imbibe, for I’ve found that booze makes me see horrible things. Of course, Tam Gutcher is only the most recent of a long line of custodians who have managed the pub, which some claim to be among the oldest such establishments in Britain. Though having said that, it seems I can’t find anyone on the island who remembers a time before Tam was the one pulling pints!


WORDS OF WISDOM: “We love visitors in Merksay. The fourth biggest population in the Orkneys… and the first friendliest.  That’s what I say!”


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